Vahe and Rebecca’s Wedding Invitation

Our dear friends Vahe and Rebecca were going to get married and wanted to create a custom invitation for their wedding day. They knew that the general theme and style of the wedding would be a sophisticated and modern twist to tradition, so we decided to apply modern and minimal design to a custom 5-page invitation including an insert. The purple tone of the logo we had already designed set the tone for the colors of the rest of the elements in the invitation set on a black background, with touches of silver and white for elegance. An animated version of the invitation to the right mimics what the invitation looks like in person.

The first page of the wedding invitation, which is the flap that opens up to the rest of the card, contains the couple’s names and the event they are inviting their guest to. The page that the flap opens up to introduces the date of the wedding and the names of the parents, maid of honor, and best man. A square cut-out on this page reveals the logo from the insert underneath. Once pulled out, the insert reveals a special thank you note from the couple, with more information about the big day on the back side. Altogether, the invitation evokes a sense of elegance and mystery while retaining the theme and mood of the wedding.

We also designed a website dedicated to Vahe and Rebecca’s wedding day which is featured in greater detail in website design.

Vahe and Rebecca’s Wedding Invitation

Branding, Print
The wedding invitation design for Vahe and Rebecca's wedding has a sophisticated and modern design using purple accents on a black background.

Vahe and Rebecca’s Logo Design

Branding, Logo Design
The logo design for Vahe and Rebecca's wedding features the initials of their first names, interlocked in a flourishing dim purple font. Wedding Website Design

Website Design
The wedding website design and layout for Vahe and Rebecca's big day featur...
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Vahe and Rebecca's Logo Design
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