Vahe and Rebecca’s Wedding Website Design

Our dear friends Vahe and Rebecca were engaged to married be and wanted to create fun and unique website dedicated to their wedding and the special events leading up to it. They wanted a site that would reflect their style and the general theme of the wedding: sophisticated, minimal, and modern with a touch of purple.

The website design was created with custom code and contains five pages of pictures, biographies, wedding information, and a page dedicated to the input of their guests about the big day. The site was launched as their wedding invitations were sent out which Arpi Design also created, featured in print, just in time for their guests to go online and rsvp, take a poll, read the blog, and experience the interactive content leading up to the big day. The logo featured as the link to the homepage of the site was also custom designed by Arpi Design and utilized in the wedding invitations as well.

Vahe and Rebecca’s Wedding Invitation

Branding, Print
The wedding invitation design for Vahe and Rebecca's wedding has a sophisticated and modern design using purple accents on a black background.

Vahe and Rebecca’s Logo Design

Branding, Logo Design
The logo design for Vahe and Rebecca's wedding features the initials of their first names, interlocked in a flourishing dim purple font. Wedding Website Design

Website Design
The wedding website design and layout for Vahe and Rebecca's big day featur...
Vahe and Rebecca's Logo Design Website Design
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