Lark Summer Day Camp Print Work

The Summer Day Camp program at Lark Musical Society is a summer camp designed for children ages 5 through 12. The camp is comprised of a variety of extra curricular workshops in the fields of music, dance, theater, visual arts, hand crafts, poetry and chess. The camp needed a brochure to send out to their prospective students’ families that would provide information about the camp including activities, workshops, and weeks of operation. They also needed a large banner that would be displayed at the camp to inform parents and students about enrollment dates and signing up.

The Summer Day Camp brochure was designed in a three panel format, with detailed information about the camp and its workshops on the inside panels and more general information with the cover page on the outside panels. The inside features a fun, colorful summer image as the background with elliptical pictures of students at the camp having fun scattered across the bottom. The outside of the brochure contains information about how and where to sign up, with additional pictures of camp students and the cover page featuring the logo.

The 4 x 10 foot banner designed for the Summer Day Camp was displayed at the camp as summer began. The banner included information about when and how to enroll. A fun, colorful logo was also designed for the Summer Day Camp that would show different aspects of what the program had to offer while focusing on the children.

Lark Summer Day Camp Print Work

Branding, Print
The Lark Summer Day Camp print items include a brochure and banner emphasizing fun and colorful imagery with important information.

Lark Summer Day Camp Logo Design

Branding, Logo Design
The logo design for Lark Summer Day Camp features colorful illustrations of children interacting with each other. The logo design is fun and exciting.

Lark Conservatory Logo Design

Logo Design
The logo design for Lark Conservatory emphasizes the nurturing environment and Armenian background. ArpiDesign created a fun and attractive logo design.
Ice Cream Magazine Article Layout Design
Lark Summer Day Camp Logo Design
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