Lark Conservatory Logo Design

Lark Conservatory is devoted to teaching classical and Armenian music to its students, establishing a creative environment ideal for nurturing musical talents. Lark wanted a creative new logo that would emphasize the nurturing environment and Armenian background that have been implemented in Lark’s history for two decades now.

The logo design we created for Lark consists of various symbolic elements coming together to form the silhouette of a tree. Three bass clefs take the place of tree branches, while the fruit that they each carry is the pomegranate, the symbol of Armenia and Armenian heritage. In essence, the tree is a vessel for cultivating abundant fruit through music and culture, and this fruit is absorbed by the students wherein the cycle continues. Since the logo design would be seen by people who can read, speak, and write both Armenian and English, the top and bottom of the tree image was branded with the name of the conservatory in English and Armenian. Lark utilized the logo design on their canvas tote bags which are used by the students to carry their workbooks to and from classes.

Lark Summer Day Camp Print Work

Branding, Print
The Lark Summer Day Camp print items include a brochure and banner emphasizing fun and colorful imagery with important information.

Lark Summer Day Camp Logo Design

Branding, Logo Design
The logo design for Lark Summer Day Camp features colorful illustrations of children interacting with each other. The logo design is fun and exciting.

Lark Conservatory Logo Design

Logo Design
The logo design for Lark Conservatory emphasizes the nurturing environment and Armenian background. ArpiDesign created a fun and attractive logo design. Website Design
Armenian Currency Design
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