Comfort Auto Logo Design

Comfort Auto is a well-established automotive service and repair shop located in La Canada, California. Their expert technicians have been servicing automobiles, SUVs, trucks, vans and motorhomes since 1996. The business needed to revamp their image and wanted a logo that would demonstrate their services and expertise while conveying a sleek, new look with bold colors.

The logo design for Comfort Auto features two cars, one old and one new, combined to create one. This image demonstrates length of the time that the business has had its doors open to customers, as well as reflects the vast range of vehicle types that the business services on a day to day basis. The color red was chosen as a symbol of energy, speed and strength, contrasting the the grey color of the text which indicates intelligence and reliability. The logo is featured on Comfort Auto’s new website and business card, which are described in more detail in website design and print. Website Design

Website Design
The website design for Comfort Auto features a sleek new look with effective ma...

Comfort Auto Logo Design

Branding, Logo Design
The logo design for Comfort Auto features the image of a red car to symbolize power, strength and energy set on top of grey text symbolizing reliability.

Comfort Auto Business Card Design

Branding, Business Cards, Print
The business card design for Comfort Auto features the business's logo set in a clean, minimal layout ideal for conveying important information to clients.
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Comfort Auto Business Card Design
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