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Fix Pool Leak is a pool and spa leak repair business located in Los Angeles that had relatively good business but no online presence when they approached us for a brand new website design. Because of their specialty services that aren’t easy to find through paper media (Yellow Pages, magazine/newspaper ads, etc.), they needed a new way to reach their customers and expand their customer base. Since Fix Pool Leak was looking to expand their services beyond the local level, they required a permanent and more effective outlet to convey their services to those looking for them on the web.

The web design for Fix Pool Leak focused on efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to attract the customers searching for their specific services and pinpointing them to the exact service they need. Social media services were also included in the marketing campaign to increase traffic and the site’s online footprint so that its presence could firmly established among its competitors. The website is also very user-friendly for those seeking answers to frequently asked questions about pool or spa-related issues, allowing the user to understand the problem at hand before a professional takes a look and provides the solutions. The web design was also given a clean, fresh look which speaks to the products and services it provides for its users.

The Fix Pool Leak logo was also designed by Arpi Design. It uses the water droplet as the element symbolizing a swimming pool or spa leak, with a magnifying glass searching for and detecting the leak. The design of the logo is featured in more detail in logo design.


Fix Pool Leak Business Logo Design

Logo Design
The business logo design communicates a water leak being detected and analyzed, advertising Fix Pool Leak's services quickly and efficiently to customers.

FixPoolLeak.com Web Design

Website Design
The web design for Fix Pool Leak...
Fix Pool Leak Business Logo Design
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