SOS Pool Services Website Design and Web Development

SOS Pool Services is a swimming pool maintenance, equipment service and repair company that has been around for over 30 years. Their experience in the industry makes them one of the most reputable and recognized swimming pool service and repair businesses in the Los Angeles area. The professionalism and expertise of their technicians are second to none, using the latest equipments and techniques to ensure a clean and healthy pool for each client. We were honored to take on this big project for SOS Pool Services which consisted of a website design, along with a new identity for their company.

The website design for SOS Pool Services consists of a simple design on the front-end where the client interacts with the website, and functionality on the back-end where the head technician can control and organize business appointments and bookings. The website itself is essentially designed for the client to take care of all of their pool service booking needs, including choosing a date, time, location, service, and even technician. The services are listed on the website along with their prices to make it easy for the client to choose exactly what they need.

After making an appointment on the website, the client receives a confirmation email detailing the booking information with links to reschedule or cancel the appointment. The head technician of SOS Pool Services as well as the technician assigned to the job also receive confirmation emails with all the appointment information. Since the head technician has control over the back-end functions of the website, they are able to see the schedule of all of their technicians and the appointments set for any given week. They are also able to reschedule or cancel appointments from their end.

This website design format is ideal for businesses that function on client bookings and appointments, such as beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons, massage parlors, restaurants, medical offices, etc. The website platform also has the option of taking a deposit from the client with the scheduled appointment to decrease cancellations and no-shows.

The logo on the website was also designed by Arpi Design, which is featured in more detail in logo design, as well as the business card which is featured in more detail in print.

SOS Pool Services Logo Design

Branding, Logo Design
The logo design for SOS Pool Services needed to be very simple and straightforward, appealing to a demographic of both young and old adults.

SOS Pool Services Business Card Design

Branding, Business Cards, Logo Design
The business card design for SOS Pool Services consists of fun colors and shapes that symbolize the swimming pool maintenance and repair industry.
AutoiTrade Logo Design
SOS Pool Services Logo Design
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