Massage Therapist Brochure Design

Sargis Gasparyan is a licensed massage therapist working in Los Angeles, California. With over 35 years of experience, he specializes in sports massages, manual therapy, and adjustments. What he wanted was a fairly inexpensive way to market and promote his services.

Consulting with Mr. Gasparyan, Arpi Design Studios felt that a business card would not suffice for his specific business needs. He had a massive list of certifications, awards, and experience that simply could not be overlooked. For this reason, we decided to design a simple brochure that would inform his potential customers about his achievements and how he can help them towards health and relaxation.

The front cover of the brochure design features a fairly simply logo design alongside an image of the human spine, which plays an extremely important role in our bodies as it provides posture while allowing for movement and supports the upper body’s weight. The inside of the brochure design includes Mr. Gasparyan’s education, experience, certifications, and awards organized within a clean and simple layout. The colors of the brochure design are reminiscent of the human body, with the soft blue color connoting relaxation and the cooling of the nerves and muscles.

In addition to brochures, Arpi Design in Los Angeles, also designs all types of print media marketing; business cards, postcards, flyers, banners, labels, etc. You name it, we are here to consult with you about how we can help your business thrive!

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