ElataPoolService.com Website Design, Web Development and Local SEO

Hundreds of swimming pool owners in Glendale, CA trust Elata Pool Service for their pool and spa servicing needs. Elata Pool Service is rapidly growing business whose mission it is to provide customers with reliable and professional services without breaking budgets.

We designed and developed the logo and website from scratch, ensuring a cohesive brand identity throughout all marketing platforms. We also implemented internet marketing strategies within the foundation of the website, ensuring a steadily growing online footprint.

The website we created for Elata Pool Service is designed to be responsive. This means that it adjusts and shifts according to the size of the display and the device where it’s being viewed, making for an optimal website experience for visitors each and every time. The design includes an interactive home page with sliding imagery, a services and repairs page, testimonials, and contact information.

Local search engine optimization was implemented during the web development stage of the design process. The text and content for the site is search engine optimized to boost its ranking in search engine results pages.

Arpi Design Studios is located in Glendale, CA, and we always enjoy working with newer businesses and helping them get a head start within our local community! We enjoy having a personable and friendly relationship with each and every one of our clients to ensure the best results possible with each project.

We have also designed the logo for ElataPoolService.com that features symbolic water details along with a pool skimmer. The design of the logo is featured in more detail in logo design. A business card was also designed for the business, which is featured in more detail in print.


Elata Pool Service Business Card Design

Branding, Business Cards, Print
The design of the business card came quite naturally as the logo took its final shape. The wave elements in the business card represent water and calmness.

Elata Pool Service Logo Design

Logo Design
Logo is based on cool water elements, focusing on pool cleanliness and freshness. Two tones of light blue were chosen for the wave elements of the logo.
Elata Pool Service Logo Design
Rate My Poolman Postcard Mailer Design
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