WholesalePoolMart.com Website Design and Web Development

Wholesale Pool Mart is one of the largest wholesale and retail swimming pool and spa supply stores in the Los Angeles area. We designed and developed their website as well as implemented internet marketing strategies to reach more online consumers. Their old website needed a fresh update with a new design and new content. The functionality of the new website needed to accommodate their thousands of existing customers as well as new customer visits.

The website design and development for Wholesale Pool Mart consisted in part of data and information transfers from the old website’s database. This successful transfer ensured that existing Wholesale Pool Mart customers would seamlessly be able to log in and maintain their account within the framework of the new website design. There’s no question that Wholesale Pool Mart’s exceptional customer service history is one of the reasons why their business is booming, so we wanted to take it a step further by adding live chat support on the new website platform to make it even easier for customers to connect with a representative within seconds.

The security of the website was another area of focus during the development process. The website is built on an osCommerce platform, so the security of their online shoppers was a priority. We enforced a reliable shopping experience for online customers by building a secure website that doesn’t store any credit card information. This way their loyal customers will continue to experience the ease of doing business with Wholesale Pool Mart.

The ongoing web development for Wholesale Pool Mart consists of adding and updating product information, maintaining updated website content, and ensuring that the site is constantly performing at top notch levels. We always appreciate the opportunity to do business with such reputable companies in our community, and would like to thank Wholesale Pool Mart for entrusting their business in our hands!


Discount Pool Mart Business Card Design

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The business card design for Discount Pool Mart is based on their existing logo and website design to ensure a cohesive identity system throughout.

DiscountPoolMart.com Website Design and Web Development

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Discount Pool Mart...
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DiscountPoolMart.com Website Design and Web Development