Val-Pak Products Website Design

Val-Pak Products is a swimming pool product manufacturer located in Santa Clarita, California. Val-Pak’s massive 34,000 square foot facility is where the company takes care of pool and spa product manufacturing, mold making, injection molding and machining. The quality and reliability of its products have made Val-Pak the brand that professional pool and spa service and repair technicians ask for by name.

The purpose of the website for Val-Pak Products is to provide current customers, dealers, and vendors with updated product information while also drawing in new customers and vendors for new business. The whole website is SEO-optimized for these exact reasons, providing a strong foundation for growing traffic to the site. The website was also built to be responsive for optimal user experience on smart phones and tablets.

The website design for Val-Pak Products consisted of taking the company’s existing logo and incorporating it into a cutting-edge, modern layout. An illustrated image of the company’s facilities graces the homepage of the site, as well as images of some of their most popular pool products. In addition to the creating the website’s permanent pages, Arpi Design also consistently monitors and updates the products page to keep it current for customers, dealers, and vendors.

Located in Glendale, California, Arpi Design Studios strives to provide outstanding service and an excellent customer experience for all of our clients. We enjoy working with business to launch, recreate, and re-imagine their brand in order to maximize profits and potential! Website Design
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