Website Design and Web Development for My Pool Yard

This website design was created for an online pool supply store looking to provide access to thousands of pool and spa products. needed a platform on which it could showcase a very wide range of information and images in order to appeal to the customers looking for their specific products all in one website. The website was designed to revolve around the products and make it as easy as possible for a user to search, navigate, and pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for without a hassle. was built upon osCommerce, which is an popular and reliable eCommerce website platform. The website design was also developed using custom code such as PHP and HTML. The simple layout of the site makes for fast, easy access to tons of information and products that can be purchased all in one place. All of the images on the site were also taken and edited by Arpi Design to ensure a consistent, sleek layout throughout all of the pages creating a cohesive and accessible online store.

A powerful web marketing campaign was also launched for the website, featuring unique SEO strategies vital for an online store because customers often search for the specific products they need versus searching for the store which they would like to purchase those products from. The web marketing campaign also uses CPC (Cost Per Click) as advertisement to attract more users to the website. Because of the aforementioned web development marketing tools, the website currently sees over 20,000 new customer visits every month.

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