Manufacturing Company Website Design in Los Angeles

AquaFlo Pumps is a company in Los Angeles that manufactures residential and commercial brass pumps. With a redesigned logo and modern website layout, AquaFlo’s new look is one-of-a-kind in the manufacturing website design industry.
The main purpose of manufacturing company website design is to provide information for vendors and distributors, so it is important to make the content clear, legible, and easily accessible. The Pumps and Motors tabs in website have submenus, and each of those submenus list the variations of the item being searched. This organized structure makes it easy and fast to pinpoint a specific item or groups of items within the desired category. As an even quicker approach, manufactured items can be found with their descriptions in the search bar.
This industrial company website design is responsive, meaning it responds to the screen size it’s being viewed on and adjusts accordingly, making for an ideal user experience.
The manufacturing company website design for AquaFlo Bronze Pumps is modern, informative, and most importantly, fast. It is sure to make a statement among its manufacturing company website design competitors.

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