Jewelry Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization in Los Angeles

LA Jewelry Creations was founded in 1979 and has recently launched their jewelry line into the online market. The family-owned business is meticulous about the quality and detail put into every single piece they create, and they needed the same attention to detail applied to their jewelry website redesign.

The way that jewelry is presented online is very important to customers who cannot physically see the pieces they are interested in. The presentation of each piece can determine the customers’ reactions and inclinations to make a purchase. The jewelry website redesign for LA Jewelry Creations features larger, more attractive images of each piece set in a simpler, more modern layout. The beautiful gift box element on the homepage is the cohesive element in all of the subsequent pages, reminding one that this jewelry can be a gift for yourself as well as for your loved ones.

This jewelry website redesign will not matter much if there are no clicks to the new website. Built with search engine optimization from the ground up, the jewelry website redesign utilizes keywords and phrases that will attract new and unique online users. Search engine optimization is essential for the continuous, long-term growth of any eCommerce website.

We are confident that the jewelry website redesign for LA Jewelry Creations will make a statement to their online followers and boost their online footprint.

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