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We’re proud to announce that Discount Pool Mart, one of the finest and oldest swimming pool supply stores in Los Angeles, has entrusted their website design and ongoing web development to us. Discount Pool Mart was established in 1982 and is one of the leading swimming pool and spa supply stores in the Los Angeles area, carrying more that 15,000 items in their stores and online. In addition to the first location in Canoga Park, California, Discount Pool Mart recently launched a new location in Granada Hills, California. Along with this launch, they also wanted a new, fresh look for their existing website. They needed a website that would not only be able to handle their existing 10,000 unique monthly customer visits, but that would also easily be able to handle thousands of new customer visits.

The redesign for consisted of transferring all the data and information from the old website’s databases to the new site without losing any data. This was especially important for the existing customers who would be able to log in to the new website with their old log in credentials, making for a convenient and seamless transition. Discount Pool Mart has always been exceptional with their customer service – they’re always helpful and friendly in store and over the phone with any questions or concerns that their customers may have. We wanted to ensure that same immediate service on their website, so we added live chat support where the customer could reach a representative on the spot with their questions and concerns during business hours.

The new website design for is very secure. We addressed one of the biggest concerns for online shoppers: credit card security. The website doesn’t store any customer credit card information on their servers, making for an easy and reliable shopping experience. Because Discount Pool Mart has customers from all over the United States, it was important for them to have a built in shipping estimator that could estimate the cost of shipping an item. We were able to design a shipping estimator utilizing custom code specifically for Discount Pool Mart to give customers the peace of mind, just one click away.

The ongoing web development for consists of adding and updating products, maintaining the website, and ensuring that it’s consistently performing at top speeds. Adding new products onto the site consists of taking professional pictures of the items and conducting research to compose the most customer friendly and up-to-date information regarding those items.

On behalf of Arpi Design studios, we would like to thank Discount Pool Mart for giving us the opportunity to show off our best work with such an important client who also values the importance of customer service and building long-lasting customer relationships.

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The business card design for Discount Pool Mart is based on their existing logo and website design to ensure a cohesive identity system throughout. Website Design and Web Development

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Discount Pool Mart... Website Design and Web Development
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